About the company

  • The company "TC Steel" SIA was founded in 2010. The main type of production is the manufacture of metal containers of various types. The range of containers we are manufacturing is more than 300 types of various modifications that meet all required European standards. Over 90% of manufactured products are exported to the Scandinavian and West European markets. The main customers are: Norway, Sweden, Germany and Austria.
  • The company has two workshops for the preparation of details, equipped with all the necessary equipment (guillotines, sheet-bending, plasma cutting and other machines for the details preparation), four workshops for the assembly of products and paint shop with its own blasting chamber. Thus the company is able to produce up to 4,000 containers per year.
  • The company is listed in the Register Quality Assurance and Quality Lloyds certified to ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 3834: 2. Our products meet the quality standards SS-3021 and DIN - 30722.
  • We take pride in the high esteem which we earned from our Baltic, Scandinavian and other European customers.

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